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Master's Series Character List

                                                            January 1, 2022

Shura “Avenger” Terrorist Characters List (alphabetical by first name):


Abd al Bari – drone pilot launching the Sarin gas attack on the USS Lake Erie


Abdala Dushadi, 46 year old psychiatrist Chief of Covert Psychological Operations  


Abia – Mousaffa’s youngest sister, Yassar’s second wife killed in the cruise missile attack


Abdul-Baqi Rashad, Al Zagaheer Madrid correspondent


Abdel Fattah, youngest male member of Allim Tiflak cell Charlie team


Abu Talib – name of the prophet Mohammed’s uncle. Used by Nassar in the Palo Verde attack, and Yusra bin-Nusair in the Athens attack


Ahmed Qatro Al Zagaheer Business reporter


Aida Toma, UN cleaner from Syria who assisted in the assassination of President Reynolds 


Akaman – alias Akmed Momani – real Akaman Dezara - Jordanian background Shura recruiter and vetter, turned assassin from Muscat, Oman – travelled aliases of Leroy Davis, David Leroy, Allen Momani and Akmed Momani - Cell Training


Akhim Qureshi, Explosives expert NASDAQ attack


Aleksio Kuqo, Terrorist leader of the Queen Victoria attack in Venice 


Alfredo Ricci, 29, Muslim Rider in the Pallio Siena 


Ali Abdullah Saleh – al-Qaeda leader killed in cruise missile attack


Allen Buhar, (41) Al Zagaheer US correspondents


Amal Fathima Kaffi - Yassar’s daughter, Cambridge student, engaged to Sheikh, Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Al Rashid Makto, the Crown Prince of Dubai - Yasars only surviving daughter, engaged to Dubai sheik


Amid Fafar, loyal chauffer


Amid Rabanni, third in charge of cell attacking Palo Verde


Amin al-Haq Chief of the Information


Amir Fedrazi, stole the identity of Dr. Helmut Greizerbeck to manipulate reactor work to cause a nuclear disaster  


Angri Kaffi, the Chief of Financial Operations, 37 yr old Omani cousin, MBA Harvard


Anne Smith, Connecticut prostitution ring organizer, assist Akaman jellyfish attack


Arthur Dennis, Al Zagaheer Correspondent in London, UK


Ari Degorrio, Alias for Arif Meffiah, Iraqi owner of Mets souveniar franchise  

Bahilu Naifeh,  a highly skilled chemical lab assistant, Sarin gas


Bakri Samlibari, Leader in Paris Catacombs attack


Carlos Francisco Madero, real name Nabla Pinto, cell leader  in the Madrid attacks


Daud Adherri, from Mashhad, Iran, leader of the attack on the Dulwich church wedding

Daud Adherri or David Ainsworth, Son-in –law of owner of WD Restoration project on Christ Church married to Francis


David Dirar Issa and Heba Issa – leaders of Aliyah in Wonderland cell – Paris Bridges & museums


Dleen  & Shad Ghazzi  – brother & sister suicide bombers in SF BART attack bombers


Emma Kuqo, doctor on the Canard Queen Victoria terrorist attack


Fadima Jarret, Al Zagaheer Correspondent in San Francisco


Farrin Busri, Afghani adopted name Christopher Thomas Burkes, chopper pilot Time Sq


Farrah Greaves, CME attack wife of Sam Greaves,


Fathi Salib, Contractor AWE facility outside London, lived in city of Leicester, Midlands.  Heba wife Nihal Salib with the birth of his three children.  


Feyrouz al Asker, aka Kevin Baffin, NASDAQ Technology Director


Faruk Kinashi, wounded in the Middle East, assisted in the Sarin attack on the Super Dome


Freda Gaines, security guard at San Francisco Giants


Habbi Dejahir – son of Sameera, Cuban attack 


Hal Rodgers, Retired Drone US pilot, sons Harry, Hector, Ham Canadian Drone attack


Hilal Dezara twin brothers duplicate of Akaman


Hamid Kouri, 34 year old Saudi, leader of Al Salwa cell


Hassad Sadaheri, French Drone controller


Captain Harry Trapper, Weapons Logistical Officer, at the China Lake Naval Weapons Research Facility, committed suicide


Jacque Dufour and his wife, Fabienne, French SNCF attack 


Jarid Fahrida, CEO of Al Zagaheer.  


Jawad Ismat – Truck rider in Scotland attack


Jeffery Tabor, the Procurement Director Generderson Resources Inc- drones purchase


Jose Delgado, Cuban Herpetologist, owner of poison tree frog lab in Havana 


Joseph Abby MTA official arrange the subway attacks, known as Yusaf Dardab, wife Amelia Abby


Kaji Hassam, known to locals as Kevin Gregory, Wickenburg Dude Ranch owner, Yasin Hassam  - Victor Gregory brother


Kamale Soetoro, (41) Indonesian female leader of the NJ Drone Cell


Kaseen al-Kindi, Yemeni Millionaire, daughter’s wedding attacked by US cruise missile


Kasper Ghorbani and his wife Kyra, Irani participant in the NYC Subway train attack


Kenji Habbi, the Head of Communications, 49 yr old, Kenyan, Georgia Tech Grad, CNN background, wife Aluna Makouri


Kevin Gregory, Wickenburg Dude Ranch owner real name Kaji Hassam,  brother of Yasin Hassam  - Victor Gregory brother, major intelligence on Palo Verde and arms suppler


Khalid al-Habib Chief of Foreign Purchase 


Laham Nirvareth , as Liam Louis Wright, Saudi living in London, London attack


Lamya al-Kindi, sister of Abia (Yassar’s second wife)


Major Fraiser, former supervising electrical engineer and computer expert, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems drones, Poway, CA


Malik Habbi, Technology expert sets up PlayStation communications, son of Kenji Habbi 


Mark Reber, Al Zagaheer NYC reporter


Marlik Maslah , young immigrant caught during the Sarin attack on the Super Dome


Martha Chase; American assisted in getting cell entry into US 


Meerza Saliba, Saudi student for Rutgers University, Allim Tiflak leader of AZ initial attacks


Miroslavi Dezara, Akaman’s his sole surviving brother knew his real name Akaman Dezara


Mixna Sukarni, Omani, Denise Miller, Mrs. Letts- Philadelphia- Gina Pillepona


Mohammed Bin Ahmed, the Chief of Internal Security


Mohammed Tarik, Al Zagaheer correspondent in Phoenix


Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan, Iranian Physicist 


Mounin Rabanni – Hains point truck driver- Washington DC 


Mousaffa al-Moubati, second in command of Shura, Brother in-law, life long chess friend, Chief of Staff, Operations


Nancy al-Jahiri, Al Zagaheera US correspondent


Nasir bin Bensaid, a Saudi father of Trent Harper


Nassar Bin Hassan, Son in-law, by Yassar’s daughter Khadiija killed in the Yemen cruise missile attack-leads attack against Palo Verde


Nihal Salib, wife of Fathi Salib UK Terrorist cell leader


Nimr Farouk Armiri, Al Zagaheer Paris Correspondent


Nuru Monaga – Al Zagaheer broadcaster (30)


Omar Turaf, Shura Tech Center Director, fixed laptop, warned Khalid al-Habib


Pierre Lafont, attacked the NATO Headquarters AC system


Prince Sheikh Hamadin “Freddi” Bin Mohammed Rashid of the Royal Al Maktoum


Dr. Putri Liem, Chemist creator of Sarin gas used in USS Lake Erie attack 


Rahaf  Kaffi, Yassar’s first wife, mother of Amal, killed in a auto accident


Rahim Banu Judham, the leader of the terrorists suicide cell attacking NAASDAQ


Rashadi Issa, son working in London killed by father


Rashid Dezara twin brother, duplicate of Akaman


Rashid Farah. Algerian traveling under a French passport in Baltimore/Washington DC


Reggie Basset, Yassar’s London solicitor


Remas Hattab, Amal’s Zollant Wedding Planner


Reynolds Jackson, leader of the attempted Sarin on the Super Dome


Rifat Bakkal, terrorist cell leader attacking NYC detonate explosives Woodhaven


Rowel Nashbi, Imani nuclear expert responsible for the Palo Verde plant destruction 


Saleh al-Somali Chief of the Operations Military Committee.


Sameera Dejahir - al-Qaeda leader killed in Yemen cruise missile attack


Samir Hadi, the terrorist cell leader NYC rails 167th Street station


Sergei Kuznetsov, Russian Chemist Recruited with his wife Irina


Shad Ghazzi & Dleen – brother & sister suicide bombers in SF BART attack bombers


Sharef Haddad Serrin. also known as Geoffrey Marks. a Masters in Advanced Computer Technology from Cambridge, set up the Shura Data Center.


Sharon Hazir part of the United Nations Housekeeping team


Simone LeBeau, young assistant at Musée Les Catacombs in Paris


Taavi Fawzi, international arms dealer from Egypt


Trent Harper, (32) Merc Technology Director, Merc attack, wife Katya, daughter Jana


Troy Epstein, wife Lauren Epstein control NYC cells


Yasin Hassam, known to locals as Victor Gregory


Yassar Kaffi, Chess master, billionaire developer and industrialist, terrorist leader


Yati Rebara Iraqi leader Zakaria Tanner destroyed Pinterest. 


Yusra bin-Nusair, Yemeni female, Shadow of Colossus cell leader of Athens attack used the Khadija bin Khuwaylid alias

Yusaf Dardab, Joseph Abby MTA official arrange the subway attacks, wife Amelia Abby


Zain Eid, Syrian leader of the Acropolis attack


SHURA Members


Yassar Kaffi, Leader


Mousaffa Al-Moubati, second in command


Mohammed bin Ahmed, is a 26-year-old Iraqi, serves as Chief of Security


Kenji Habbi, a 49-year-old Head of Communications


Malik Habbi, Technology Director, technology expert sets up PlayStation communications, son of Kenji Habbi 


Khalid al- Habib, is the 43 year old Yemeni, Chief of Training and Global Strategic Commercial Operations


Amin al-Haqm, a 52-year-old Omani cousin of Yassar, serves as video editor for the Al Zagaheer


Angri Kafti, a 37-year-old Omani cousin of Yassar on his father’s side, serving as Chief of Financial Operations.


Saleh al-Somali the 47-year-old Afghani Chief of the Military Operations.  


Abdala Dushadi, 46 year old psychiatrist Chief of Covert Psychological Operations  


British Characters:

Reginald Abraham, newly appointed Foreign Secretary (57)


Richard Ainsley, Minister of the Cabinet Office (62)


Dale Bellingham, Manager of Brown’s Men’s Store.


Harry Bowman, Constable that spots the French terrorist couple in East London


Claire Brewer, Helena’s best friend, Maid of Honor, St Denis resident, UK Embassy


Lloyd Burch, Prime Minister’s Executive Chief of Staff 


Dr. Thaddeus Chambers at Exeter College, Don for Spencer and Thomas Graham


Geoffrey Collins, a senior member of the SIS executive staff


Gertrude Cone, (51) Home Security Service (MI5)


Jeffrey Crane, Home Minister (49)


Charles Davis, Chief Secretary of the Treasury (52)


Gloria Davis, Westminister Registry clerk


Paulo DeViniato, Graham wedding planner Neimeeko Wedding Planners


Garfield Dexter, (52) Director of Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ)  


Charlotte Rose Dickens CBE QPM Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) in London


Margaret Dinsmore, Prime Minister’s Executive Assistant


Dr. Jacob Drysdale, professional art restoration process for damaged Tate art


Jennifer Edwards, UK Ambassador to Greece


Edward Ernest, PM Graham’s SIS assigned Chauffer


Captain Errol Fassinger, Canard Cruise Line Queen Victoria Captain


Charles Fitzroy, Prime Minster’s Security Chief


Jackson Folger, Chief of the Kitchen staff


Gareth Fraser, Chancellor of the Exchequer; (51)


Isabella Frazer , associate professor of economics at Cambridge, columnist for the Financial Times.


Damon Freed, Director of the London Counter Terrorism Command (CTC)  


Major Ryan Gibbons, SFR Leader at the AWE counter attack


Martin Graham, (42) Thomas’s divorced older brother and Best Man


Thomas Graham, Prime Minister, Labour Party (38)


Alex Gregory, a SIS MI6 agent at One Canada


Harold Grimes, owner WD Restoration Offices, Electric Avenue, Brixton, UK, wife Rebecca


George Hallwick, SIS Deputy Director


Alastair Halsey, Head of the SIS security detail for Admiral Johnson


Minister Reverend Barrington Harris, East Dulwich 


Helena Hassler-Graham, Tate Director and PM Graham’s wife


May Hassler, aunt, Helena’s only living relative 


General Maxwell Hatch, Commandant of the Royal Army (58)


Major Geoffrey Hicks, Chopper pilot in AWE attack 


Fredrick Hume, BBC broadcaster 


Admiral Harold Johnson, SIS Director (61) assassinated using a neurotoxin


Reverend George Ken, Rector at Exeter College, Oxford


Michelle Keynes, the London Forensic Medical Examiner


Dr. Francine Kramer, Lloyd’s od London expert consultant in art restoration.


Elliot Logan, HM Revenue and Customs officer, Manchester Airport


Clarence Lloyd, Secretary of State for Defense (66)


Kate Maddux, International Development Secretary (49)


Bijan Malek, SIS agent in Iran


Constance Mertz, SIS interrogator


Clive Minard, Business, Energy and Industry Minister (71)


Javad Mohammadpour, SIS agent in Iran


General Geoffrey Nash of Chief Superintendent Scotland Yard (49). 


Rev. Stewart Newell, Helen’s fourth removed cousin, gave wedding vows 


Rodney Peck, SIS Specialist Protection driver


Field Marshal Andrew Perkins, (57) the General Chief of Staff


Phillip Randall, Spencer’s MI6 Assistant


Clive Rivers, Lloyds od London Adjuster for the Tate Modern


Admiral Sir Martin Sanders, First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff (1SL/CNS)


Captain Paul Smithers, SFR Team leader


Reginald Smyth, Lord Mayor of London


Geoffrey Thime, Lord Chancellor


Geofrey Tickford’s, Westminister Magistrate 


Riggs Turnhill Assistant Commissioner of the Information Directorate


Spencer Wendell, MI6 Director of Counter Terrorism (67), promoted to SIS Director


Cheatham White, (85) Prime Ministers Doorman at 10 Downing Street 


Reginald Fitzgerald Whitten, PM official spokesperson


Calvin Wright, Attorney General (55)


Clive Whitemoor, UK Ambassador to Greece

International Intellligence, Officials, Characters

King Abdul ben Aziz, Saudi Arabian King


Nabil Ahlam, the Sheikh Khalifa Mohammed bin Al Rashid Makto, Emir Ruler of the United Arab Emirates publicist


Georgio Agnoso, the Greek National Security Officer-in-Charge attack


Fahmida al-Habib, nursing student, niece of Khalid al-Habib, report to SARM, Rayan Mousa.


Reggie Basset, Yassar’s London Solicitor


Jaques Beaumont, French Field Agent of Service de Documentation Exterieure (French Intelligence External (SDE)  


Elena Blano-Suarez, Spanish Director Centro Nacional de Inteligencia, CNI


Johan Blumenheld, Dutch Algemene Inlichtingen- en Veiligheidsdienst (AIVD)


Richard Brasson, the owner of the exclusive Necker Island retreat, Yassar classmate and friend


Antonio González de Aguilar y Correa, Nominee for the role of Spanish Foreign Minister


Abubakar Cham, Owner and dive master Blue Dolphin


Giuseppe Contbello, the Presidente del Consiglio dei ministri della Repubblica Italiana

Eduardo Albino Cortes, 56 year old UN Cleaning staff supervisor from Bayamon, Puerto Rico 


Panos Deveros, Greek Chief of the General Staff


Andre DiPolini, Italian Director of  Comitato interministeriale per la sicurezza della Repubblica (CISR, Interministerial committee for the security of the Republic) 


Clemenau DuPoissant, French Agent of Direction Centrale du Renseignement Interieur


Gerald DuPonte III, CEO of American Mega Alliance Limited (AMAL)


Theopompos Economou, assassinated Greek National Security Director


Françoise Etiene, DGSE: General Directorate for External Security – Direction générale de la sécurité extérieure.


Boris Flores, UN Secretary General, Paraguay


Albert Frawley, the Mayfair property manager


Gunther Freider, the German Chancellor


Isabella Garcia, Spanish Senado Procurement Manager


Rubin Goldblum, Director Israeli Mossad


Johanna Geise, a reporter for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung


Fahmida al- Habib, Dubai Nursing student, SARM member


Kao Hitsumi, Director of the United Nations Department of Safety and Security


Dr. Fritz Hoffman, 63 year old nuclear physicist and engineer from Leibniz University in Hannover. 


Jans Huise Belgium, Director of Service Général du Renseignement et de la Sécurité (SGR)


Aldana Ibarra, Spanish Centro National de Intelligence (CNI) agent


Abdallah Khan, the CEO of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority


Ebba Karlson, (56) new female UN Secretary General from Sweden 


Erich Klein, former Bundesnachrichtendienst Director of Counter Intelligence


Herbert Krause, Schroder’s Kernkraftwerk Grafenrheinfeld supervisor


Alexander Kyrokos, Greek UN Ambassador


Simone LeBeau , l'Ossuaire Municipal Musée Assistant


Rene LaFargeau, French drone design team manager


Dr. Putri Liem, Chemical engineer from Jakarta


Hussein Nassar Lohta, Director General of Dubai (Mayor)


Alejandro López, second in command at Senado El Supervisor de Seguridad


Pierre Marchand, French President


Ferdinand Martinez Spanish Senado President


Goro Miyoshi  (Japanese IAS)


Hamdan ç bin Mohammed bin Al Rashid Makto, the Crown Prince of Dubai


Adaar Al Rashid Makto, wife of ruler of UAE


Sheikh Khalifa Mohammed bin Al Rashid Makto, Emir ruler of UAE


Philippe Moreau, the Chief Executive Officer of the Société du Grand


Rayan Mousa, student American University in Dubai, boyfriend of  Fahmida al- Habib,


Aluf-Mishne  Dov Narkis, Israeli Shayvetet commander


Gusto Panonosis, Greek Minster of Citizen Protection, 


Georgios Pelipolopos, Greek Minister of Defense


Claudia Perrine, AMAL DuPonte’s executive assistant


Geng Wen Ping (Chinese Ministry of State Security (MSS)


Hector Quinonez Spanish CNI Director


Giovanni Ricci, Venice master pilot for cruise ships


Pedro Luis Rivera, Spanish Prime Minister, leader of the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE),


Helmut Roetzerberg, Director of German Bundesnachtendient


Leon Rostankovich, Russian Director of Sluzhba vneshney razvedki or (SVR RF) (Russian: СВР РФ) The headquarters of SVR are in the Yasenevo District of Moscow.


Trevor Sinclair, famed Australian marine biologist


Dr. Juno Sarantos, the leader of the Acropolis Restoration Project,


Christos Sartetakosis, Greek President


Halalani Des Saudi, the twenty year old princess, daughter of King Abdul ben Aziz, founder of SARM


Police Chief Colonel Hermis Statosis, Greek Hellenic National Police


Marco Tancredi, Italian Agenzia Informazioni e Sicurezza Interna (AISI; internal information and security agency)


Alexi Taveros, Greek Prime Minister


Elisabetta Tortinio, the Italian Ministero della Difesa (Minister of Defense)


Bati Ugelnal (Indonesian Badan Koordinasi Intelijen Negara - BIN)


Harold von Klingerstein, Yassar’s art consultant and advisor 


Joachim Wurtz, editor Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung


Dr. Bijan Yazdan, Chief of Plastic, Aesthetic and Cosmetic Surgery in the Clinique Generale-Beaulieu Hospital


Pablo Zucci, Italian Director,  Agenzia Informazioni e Sicurezza Esterna (AISE, external information and security agency) 




American Characters:

Rear Admiral Fletcher Adams, Fifth Fleet Central (NAVCENT) Commander, Bahrain 


James Albertson, Secretary of Defense


Randolph Allen, Director of the United States Secret Service


Herb Anderson, NSA Administrator


Fred Bates, CIA Night Officer


Dr. George Bennett, National Nuclear Security Director of Finance


Howard Benz CNN Chief of News Operations


Carolyn Bettis, US Ambassador to Greece


Bob Blackman, CIA Interrogator


Jeffrey Blassmyer, the FBI Liaison at the Delta Detainee Center in Guantanamo Bay


Terry Boggs, Managing partner of Creativity Security LLP


Ted Brown, NASDAQ Senior Managing Director - Global Programs, Market Site Events & Advertising Coordinator


Dr. Alberto Capriotti, Director of the United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM),


Rep. Frank Carter, (D) MA, Speaker of the House of Representatives


James Castillo, Supreme Court Chief Justice


Keith Cochran, an experienced State Department mentor of Kathryn McCarthy


Paul Cooke, Paradise Valley Police Chief


Rebecca Cooper Scottsdale Police Chief


Chief Robert Cortez, San Francisco Police


Eduardo Albino Cortes (56) UN cleaner, born in Bayamón, Puerto Rico


Louisa Crabtree, NASDAQ Senior Managing Director of Global Programs, Market Site Events & Advertising Coordinator


Alice Craft, San Francisco Mayor


Philippe Cross, NSA leader of the Joint Task Force in Dubai


Angie Dawn, FBI Agent in Aspen debriefing Center


Joyce Davis, President Oliver’s personal secretary


Greg Dean, the bus Blue Bird Bus Company dispatcher


Mary Marvin-Dennis, Securities Exchange Commission Chair


Donna Derby, CNN Reporter New York City United Nations event


Gary Dessile, Director of CIA


Jason Dietrich, CNN News Comptroller 


Lt. Col. Clare DiFasio, assigned by the US Air Force to transport the “Nuclear Football”


Ellen Dillon and Mark Kippers, FCCEB Officers that twartted the New Orleans drone attack


Margret Dillon, U.S. Secretary of State


Elizabeth Dobler, CATNU attorney


Captain Ray Donaldson USN, a graduate of the US Naval Academy, RECENT USS Lake Erie Captain


Dr. James Downy CNN nuclear expert consultant


James Droit, New Jersey State Park Police Chief.


Dr. Herbert Eisenberg, CNN nuclear expert consultant


Jon Erlacher, Bloomberg Television's Senior West Coast correspondent


Ted Faust, BART Station Master at the Embarcadero Station


Neil Fischer, FBI Area Field Chief Phoenix


Carol Fowler, NASDAQ Ted Brown’s Executive Assistant


Commander Phil Forbes, Seahawk Pilot


Dexter Ford, the National Security Agency Director. Wife Betsy Ford


Ginger Forestal – FBI Hong Kong to Mumba


David Foster, FBI Agent Lake Havasu


Dennis Fowler, a MacArthur Airport Police officer


Spencer Fowler, Federal Reserve Chairman 


Tyler Franks, CBS2 reporter from New York City


Roger Franz the CIA agent directing the AL Zagaheer surveillance


Madeline Frazer, Scottsdale Mayor


Darren Frederick, a decorated Vietnam veteran, SkyForce pilot


Chris Freeman, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Sales Manager, drone sales


Colonel Harry Freeman, AZ DPS Director 


Georgina Fritz, California FBI Field Agent drone investigation


Jackson T Gaffney, victim of a murder on the Chicago L at the Monroe station


Freda Gaines, Security guard at Giants baseball game


Herbert Gaines the Goodyear Airport Facility Manager. 


J.P. Gallagher – London FBI Agent 


Hal Gerry, LA Police Chief 


Brenda Getz, Atlanta CNN Center News Executive Director


Dr. Grace Gibson, Director National Nuclear Security Office, Kathryn’s aunt


Dr. Martin Graff, Doctor in charge of FBI medical facility


Dr. Vincent Graff, Cosmetic Surgeon from Seattle verified duplicates


Fraser Grant, a NSA technician


Tracy Garvey, US Army Specialist video records Pentagon drone attack


Sam Greaves, CME Director of Technology, handicapped war veteran


Judge Francis Greaves, New Orleans Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Court of Federal 


Greg Greeley, Browns Ferry Manager of Technology


Dr. Griffin Garrison, FBI Psychologist working with victims of Haldane-fendanyol gas.  


Sarah Glaxon, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations


Jacob P. Goldman, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Morgan Stanley


Lt Howard Gorman, US Navy Bio-warfare Specialist cleanup of the USS Lake Erie


Dr. Lawrence Grant, Director of the Palo Verde 


Abe Greenfield National Security Advisor


Lt. Col. Kyle Grimes, and his wingman Major Herb Norris, F15C fighter pilots


Carter Hall, FBI Laboratory assistant 


Beau Jefferson Hanes, Manager Studio 9 Inn and Suites in Decatur, AL


Ann Hargrove, Arizona Governor


Paul Harmon, Secretary of Defense


Rod Harris, Director of Arizona Division of the Office of Emergency Management.


Scott Haskins, Atlanta CNN Center Midday Commentator 


Colonel Jefferson Hayes US Army Chemical Unit neutralizing drone at the New Orleans dome 


Admiral Alex Hector Hernandez, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff


Margie Holme’s, CNN Evening segment commenttor


Daniel Hoppe, Pales Verdes Plant Security Director


Karl Houser, FBI Spokesman in New York City


Chuck Howell, Newark NJ FBI Field Agent in Charge


Rear Admiral Eddie Howe, Commander of the SEALs team, had an important position under the Naval Special Warfare Command


Francis Hummel, Director of National Intelligence Classification System


William Jackson, CNN Technology Sector expert and commentator


Sandy Jacobson, Phoenix KPNX News Reporter


Sen. Evelyn James, (R) UT President Pro Tempore of the Senate


Phil Jablonski, assassinated fanatical Yankee’s fan


Raymond Jasper, the FBI Drone Expert Technologist, Dallas,  neutralized New Orleans drone Sarin


Mark Jeffers, Governor of California


Ted Jefferson, SEAL Petty Officer


Doug Kerry, the Lufthansa shuttle van driver 


General Hal Kellogg, US Air Force 


Lt. Matt Kline, DPS Officer


Rear Admiral Colt Knots, second SEAL Team Commander


Lester Knott, Creativity Security LLP security guard victim at Apple


Hugo Knight, the FBI Agent In-Charge of New Orleans drone response


Damon Kramer, FBI Agent on trip to Hong Kong


Garrett Krebb, Pinterest CEO


Dr. David Lange, replaced Dr. Lawrence Grant as the Palo Verde CEO


Theodore Leary, US Secretary of the Navy 


Jason LeGere, a seven-year FBI undercover interrogator using name Egyptian Sethi Badawy


Jacob Lewis the FBI Assistant Director, Agent-in-Charge of the New York office


Robert Mann, CNN correspondent reporting from Cupertino


Dennis March, FBI Field Agent drone investigation 


General Jack Marks, USMC, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs


Hector Martinez, Deputy Lake Havasu AZ


Dr. Dennis Mason, Palo Verde Plant repairs


Admiral Samuel McKerry, US Chief of Naval Operation s


Patrick McGowan, Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA, Wife Janis 


Kathryn McCarthy, (29) a doctoral candidate and Teaching Assistant at Georgetown University


Sean McMurray, Cal Tech Physicist


Stacy McNulty, Apple Director of the Human Design Department, 


Sarah Mertz, CIA Analyst


Joshua Metz, United Nations Director of Field Services


David Minard, CIA Senior Analyst


Ernest Moniz , Dr. Secretary of Energy


Alicia Montari, FBI Laboratory head for the haldrane-fendanyol project


Jamie Nelson, Grace’s assistant


Sarah Nester, NSA Electronic Surveillance Director, at NSA Utah Data Center


Hub Nolan, NSA Director Anti-Terrorism Sector


Barbara Noonan, Presidential Press Secretary


Alexi Naxolois, CIA Athens Station Chief


Florence Nunez, Atlanta CNN Center’s Midnight-2:00 a.m. commentator


Rex Nunn, Republican Wyoming, Senator, Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman, Wife Elizabeth Nunn 


Jay Nyugen, Groundskeeper at Army Navy Country Club  


Ralph Olson, Director of Flight Instruction at the Lufthansa Airline Training Center


Josephine Oliver, Vice President, 69, replaces President Reynolds


Ralph Olsen, Director of Lufthansa Flight Center Goodyear AZ


Colonel Bob Osser, Ramstein Air Base Media Liaison


Randy Osterberg, CFO of General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Poway CA


Jerry O’Toole, President’s Chief of Staff


Shawn Patrick O’Brien, New York City CNN Commentator


Captain Nathan Patterson, DPS Watch Commander


Benjamin Pearlman, CEO CNN


Allen Ramirez, CIA Deputy Director


Francine Castro Ramos, President Oliver’s Presidential Chief of Staff


Alexandra Rayburn, POTUS Secret Service Security Detail lead agent


Debra Reynolds, First Lady


Mark Reynolds, President, ex Navy Seal, Michigan Grad, 


Margaret Reynes, FBI Assistant Director in charge of the LA Field Office


Vanessa Rodgers, Senior NBC Commentator


Dennis Ryan, Goodyear Airport Operations  


Ken Shepherd, “Shep” Homeland Security Director of Operations Coordination and Planning Operations and 


Jerry Shannon, Mohave County Sheriff


General Ralph Shoemaker, former Director of National Security Advisor 


Gloria Stone, SF Medical Examiner


Hertha Sullivan, FBI field agent, NY Yankee Stadium, facial recognition of Akaman


Captain Steve Sullivan USN, a graduate of the US Naval Academy, USS Lake Erie Captain gave the order to fire missile


Gayle Swartz, Secretary of Homeland Security 


Jeffery Tabor, the Procurement Director Generderson Resources, bought drones


Geoffrey Taylor, White House Press Secretary,


Frank Thomas, FBI Director, Wife Georgina Thomas


Grant Thurber, Apple CEO assassinated by neurotoxin


Ned Toppin, Cal Tech Chemistry Professor


Greg Travis, Drone Design Team


Greg Tremont, FBI Special Agent in San Francisco


Barry Trimsdale, National Park Service Director


Doug Trout , LA County Sheriff 


Col. Harry Trudell of NEADS, orders scramble


Freda Vance, Senior CNN Commentator


Garret van de Berg, CME Chairman and CEO 


Marine General Jack Vander Barrigan, retired, new Palo Verde Security 


Kevin Vanderfleet, CNN News Producer


Misty Vasset, New Director of the Palo Verde nuclear plant 


Dr. Ernesto Vega, Cal-Tech Economics helped organize CATNU


Annie Walsh, CEO Freeman’s Executive Assistant NASDAQ


David Warner, Cupertino Police Chief.


Eric Weber SEAL Master Chief


Al Wendt FBI Hong Kong to Mumbai


Loraine Wertz, the Assistant Secretary of Educational and Cultural Affairs


Fred Whitier, SF Police Chief


Jeff Wilson, 2nd in Charge of Security at Palo Verde


Jeffrey Winston, Treasury Agent in charge of the Presidential Secret Service security detail


Harry Yongman, NSA Senior Analyst


Sandra Younger, Grant’s assistant 


General Kenny Yung, USMC Commander of Camp Delta


Lena Yung, Korean FBI  Mumbai to Dubai


Harry Zeiss, Islamabad, Pakistan CIA Station Chief 


James Zigler, Secretary of the Army


CAL Tech Team: NukeSafe - CATNU

Elsa Dean

Harold Fong

Willie Goldman

Sarah Hughes

Krishna Karbayan

Sean McMurray

Jake Murphy

Sam Ridder

Craig Stevens

DeJesus Trujillo

Ned Toppin, Cal Tech Chemistry Professor

Harry Youngman


National Nuclear Security Agency Task Force:

Dr. Theodore Powers

Dr. Randolph Ford 

Dr. James Leary 


US National Security Council 

President Mark, Reynolds

Gary Dessile, Director of CIA

Margret Dillon, U.S. Secretary of State 

Dexter Ford, the National Security Agency Director

Abe Greenfield National Security Advisor 

General Jack Marks, USMC, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs

Jerry O’Toole, President’s Chief of Staff

Gayle Swartz, Secretary of Homeland Security 

Frank Thomas, FBI Director

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