Trum's Past Russian Connections

1) Trump is on video of claiming to have a personal relationship with Putin during the Ms. Universe pageant in Moscow. During the campaign, he claimed he never met him, did not know him, but liked him because Putin said good things about him.

2) During the Ms. Universe pageant in Moscow, several Russian Mafia leaders enjoyed special VIP treatment at events by Trump.

3) During the campaign, Trump was interviewed by Larry King on Russian cable TV. During the interview, Trump was extremely complimentary of the leadership of Putin and criticized Obama as a traitor, terrible leader and founder of ISIS.

4) Several pictures were taken of Ivanka Trump vacationing with Putin's girlfriend at Putin's Sochi compound in 2013.

5) Trump hired Paul Manafort as head of his campaign in May 2016. Manafort was under a $12 million per year retainer since 2005 by Pro-Russian party funded by a Russian billionaire to elect Ukraine Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovyko. Following the PMs removal from power, Manafort remained on the retainer while serving the Trump campaign.

6) Manafort was removed from the campaign but maintains a condo on the 42nd floor of the Trump Tower. That apartment is currently occupied by Russians.

6) During the campaign, the FBI and 17 US intelligence agencies confirmed that Russia hackers connected to Russian leadership hacked the DNC, John Podesta, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz and fed the information to WikiLeaks that were made public in the US. That hacking was a deliberate attempt to influence our US election in favor of Trump. There was a secret meeting of Congressional leaders to review the evidence of a direct link of hacks to Russia. At that meeting, a decision was made not to let the public know that the Russian hacks were confirmed. Sen. Harry Reid sent a letter was sent in October to FBI Director Comey to release the hack information. Comey refused but decided to announce that he was reopening the Clinton e-mail investigation after they found Weiner's laptop.

7) Trump refuses to accept the Russian hacking and that it affected the general election. Trump stated that it does not respect the CIA and other US intelligence agencies because he does not believe their findings.

8) Former Gen. Mike Flynn was sent by Trump to visit Putin the day after the general election. Flynn was appointed by Trump as the National Security Advisor. Flynn was removed from his position in the Defense Intelligence Agency for his weird conspiracy beliefs and pro-Russian position. During the campaign, Flynn and his son used and pushed the Clinton conspiracy fake news items in social media.

Flynn has pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI after being caught in a telephone conversation with the Russian Ambassador about the removal of US sanctions against Russia.

9) Trump's Secretary of State is ex-Exxon Mobile CEO Tillerson, billionaire, who has been attempting to get oil drilling started in the Russian Kara Sea in partnership with Putin's own oil company. That drilling was blocked by Obama by sanctions placed on Russia for the takeover of the Crimea and support of Assad in Syria.

10) Trump stated that he would review the US commitment to NATO, force NATO members to pay or not get US support, weakening NATO and the relationship with our allies during the campaign. A pro-Russian position.

11) Trump stated that Russia was not in the Ukraine or Crimea. The same position that Putin is only Ukrainians wanting to be part of Russia. The Russian military has been within the Crimea for 2.5 years and shot down a commercial aircraft with a Russian surface to air missile.

12) Trump Real Esatate has been attempting to build a Trump Hotyel in Moscow for over three years.

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