Trump's Psychological Issues

Numerous psychologist and psychiatrists have observed and examined Donald Trump's statements and actions over the past ten years. Their findings are incredibly problematic considering that he is the President unfit for numerous psychological reasons.

1) Trump is extremely reactive to the slightest incident that places him in a negative light. There are numerous examples of petty issues that he reacted to indicating a deep temperament issue bordering on paranoia. The characteristic is not a quality of a President in control of nuclear codes and Commander and Chief of the world's largest military force. His comments about bringing "fire and fury."

to North Korea placed the world in jeopardy.

2) Trump's pathological inability to present the factual truth as part of his television persona where there is no connection with reality persisted as a candidate and as elected President. Trump's non-partisan fact-checking indicates that he is truthful 2% of the time. The fact that he makes false statements and later contradicts prior statements is also problematic. A President's word, comments, and tweets are expected to reflect integrity, solid thinking and be the basis for public trust and confidence. That is not the case presented by Trump.

3) Trump's autocratic temperament placing complete control in his decision making and micro-managing tendency is based primarily on his insecurity and lack of trust in others. The pattern also shows he holds others accountable for the failure of his own poor decisions.

4) Trump's tweets as his preferred means of communication place his non-sentences of 140 characters in a role of defining extremely complicated political and governmental policy affecting domestic and international issues. The tweets underline a fundamental lack of knowledge and insight into complex issues. The inconsistency in tweets indicates either a lack of memory, being influenced by the last person he has spoken with before tweeting or schizoid tendencies. The vocabulary used in oral presentations and tweets also reflect the intellectual capacity of the speaker and author. Both indicate an individual with an elementyary knowledge of the English language and inability to speak proper English.

5) Trump has the "Midas Touch syndrome" seeking a greedy expansion of his wealth; motivated in every endeavor, he is involved in turning into gold; flaunting his wealth in golden decor, furniture, and furnishings; and the tremendous self-promoting verbal claims to give himself stature based on his wealth and self-worth. The refusal to release his tax returns that would reveal his real worth and holdings support this characteristic.

6) Trump's syndrome of extreme egomaniacal, narcissistic, arrogance, vain, expansive self-worth and engorged self-esteem results in numerous bogus announces. He claimed to be saving jobs (Carrier deal; Japanese investments; and Sprint) proven to be false. "I know more than the generals, I can defeat ISIS in my first 100 days", flies in the face of reality. "I have the very best brain," "I have the very best words," "I alone can solve the Middle East," illustrate this dangerous syndrome. The reality is grossly exaggerated statements are extremely dangerous in his position as President. Trump claims the stock market rise since the election, and high near record Christmas spending is based on his Presidency without any factual evidence of his influence and policy. Trump claimed to be an Honor student with an MBA from Wharton, "I was at the top of my class." When the reality is that he never completed the degree, earned six credit hours, and was never listed as an honor graduate on programs that spanned his year at Wharton. Every announcement is that it is the best or greatest; best advisors; have a great brain; I am the smartest; I make the best deals; I set new records as President.

7) Trump's pattern of misogyny, dominance over female partners, wives, adulterous past, inappropriate relationship with Ivanka, and sexual predator behavior are a troubling major character flaw. Even in divorce his forced legal non-disclosure demands placed on wives indicates that he does not want others to understand his male dominance and domineering character. Sixteen women have come forward with claims of his sexual predatory behavior. He denies the women's allegations and knowing any of the women despite six worked closely with him, appeared in "The Apprentice," were in his Miss Universe Pageant. He has an ongoing suit for a sexual attack on a minor now in the NY City courts.

8) Trump's extraordinary use of bully tactics in business and politics underlines his psychological insecurity. Trump refuses to pay vendors and renegotiated after lawsuits bullying less financially able to accept less. Trump used unbridled name calling and derogatory remarks to lessen all opposition: SNL, Hamilton cast, political opponents, etc. Trump constantly attacks the press to discredit their reporting of facts and garner his supporters.

9) Trump operates without character or a moral compass. Trump continues to have dealings with mafia figures in Atlantic City, NYC, and Moscow. He claims he uses the Trump Foundation philanthropy while using others donations and without his any contributions. His fraudulent Trump University case where he raised $175 million from tuitions and paid $25 million in a settlement. Trump has had numerous housing discrimination lawsuits going back to the 1960s. Trump did fundraising for vets but not releasing the donated funds until it became a media news focus. Trump consistently used campaign funds to pay himself and enrich his holdings, violates the Constitution emoluments clause receiving funds from foreign sources.

10) Trump claims he as close, loyal friends, but examining his relationship with others shows he uses people and disposes of so-called friends when they have ended their usefulness. Examples Chris Christie, Rudy Giuliani, and Newt Gingrich. This is not a characteristic of a real leader or President.

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